summer activities for teenagers

What is Your Teen doing this Summer?

Summer is fast approaching and your teen's summer break is just around the corner!

If asked what he wants to do during the summer break, they’ll probably answer with plans to lounge about playing video games, watch television, and hang out with friends.

A couple of weeks into summer break, however, and your teen will become bored with these activities. Looking for new, more interesting and adventurous ideas, your teen could also get involved in negative activities.

Even if your teen is trustworthy and mature, and you find yourself comfortable with him being home alone, it would be a more positive experience for your teen if these long summer days are filled with beneficial activities for both his mind and body.

Before suggesting any specific summer plans to your teen, consider his personality and interests.

The right summer activity will give your teen responsibility, accountability, guidance, and - most importantly - days filled with enjoyable activities.

Fortunately, there are an abundance of possibilities to plan a safe and educational summer for your teenager. The following are a few of the many opportunities available to keep your teen busy and out of trouble during his summer break.



Does your teen like animals? He might enjoy volunteering at your local animal shelter or rescue group.

The web site lets you search for local animal shelters, sign up to be a volunteer, learn about pets, and gather other information related to pet care.

Your local hospice or hospital will also appreciate your teen’s help. Many patients are without friends or family and would benefit greatly from your teenager’s visit.

Other volunteer opportunities exist at your local church, soup kitchen or homeless shelter.

The benefits of volunteering are twofold. Besides teaching your teen the joy of giving to others, your teen will also gather volunteer hours for their high school graduation or college applications. Many colleges require essays on such activities, and volunteering, especially in their future field of study, will greatly improve their chances for acceptance.


Some teens prefer money to volunteer hours.

Consider checking out small jobs for your teen where you work. Doing so will help you to bond with your teen and give the two of you something to talk about.

If your teenager prefers to have his own individual job, help him with applying to local grocery stores, restaurants or local car washes.


Kids love camps. I was amazed to see how many local camps are available in every state. Besides both day and overnight camps, there also are camps for different interests ranging from adventure, travel, sporting activities, and even science.

A great resource is There you can search for camps either by interest or by state. You are bound to find the right camp for your teen there.


The YMCA in your community may have a facility with a gymnasium, pool, and fitness center with a variety of programs for everyone to enjoy. Some of them offer job training, camps, and even satellite programs in local schools.


How are your teen’s grades? Enriching your teen’s learning during school breaks is easy with Sylvan academic camps. Sylvan’s academic camps are age and grade appropriate and are focused on targeted skill areas.

Whatever your plans for the summer, I hope that it will be a safe and enjoyable one for both you and your teen!

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