Help Me With My Teenager

Help Me With My Teenager! A Step-by-Step Guide for Parents that Works - 2nd Edition

Ready to build a mutually respectful relationship with your teen – and still be in charge?

Then this book is exactly what you are looking for.

In Help Me With My Teenager! A Step-by-Step Guide for Parents that Works, Christina Botto shares her proven strategies, comprised of more than 19 years of teaching parents how to deal successfully with their teenage children.

Main points:

  • Understanding why teenagers behave the way they do and how to motivates them.
  • How to get back the respect you deserve and the authority your teen actually needs from you.
  • What it means to “be there for your teen.”
  • How to remain active in a teen’s life – without being seen as obtrusive
  • How to set limits and boundaries in a way that teenagers will accept them

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Instant Access eBook; 1.15MB $14.95
Paperback; 178 pages $21.95


Unlike most “parenting teenagers” tomes, this isn’t a book written by some psychologist telling you how to be a parent – you already know how to do that. Instead, this is a book written by a teen behavior expert with a clear purpose – to help parents like you! 

With plenty of real-life examples garnered from more than 19 years of conflict resolution between parents and their teenagers, author Christina Botto shows you how to deal constructively with this age group.

Written in an easy-to-read manner, Botto dives right into solutions without making you jump through impossible hoops to get results.

Here are some of the strategies the book covers in detail…

  • Understanding the way your teenager perceives the world
  • Developing a clear picture of how to approach your teen to avoid conflict (get the results you want)
  • How to get your teen to communicate with you again, even if all he ever says anymore is “Nothing” and “You don’t understand”
  • How to successfully avoid arguments by applying selective hearing
  • How to keep your teen talking (and not arguing)
  • Giving your teenager room to grow Where/how to start giving your teen some responsibility
  • How to get your teen to work with you instead of against you
  • How to successfully teach your teenager problem solving skills
  • How to protect your teenager without being overprotective (vital!)
  • Get to know his or her friends without being seen as an embarrassment to your teen
  • How to build your teen's self-worth and an enhanced ability to resist peer pressure
  • How to prepare him or her for the freedom of the driver’s license (a big step)
  • Set limits that your teenager will accept and which he or she will be glad to adhere to
  • Be in control without being seen as controlling
  • How to manage hot points such as curfew, driving, Internet, peer pressure, back talk, and more
  • How to diffuse an especially explosive situation through humor, flexibility, and the ability to think outside the box
  • Why your teenager needs you more than ever – even if he acts otherwise
  • Fresh ideas and examples on spending time with and enjoying your teen (done correctly, they will want to spend time with you, and you won't be in such a hurry to have them leave!)

The strategies presented by Botto are not difficult to implement. They are also not “highbrow” in any way - This is “real” advice for “real” people. And it’s advice that works.

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Instant Access eBook; 1.15MB $14.95
Paperback; 178 pages $21.95
Parents say it best:

I hope you all can get this email to Christina. I am the father of a 16 year old son. Last night he and I had an episode. I went to the net, looking for articles on parenting angry teenagers. I saw a short article on Christina's book and bought it in a matter of seconds. I read most of it last night. It's as though she was describing me and my son. Her book is fantastic. Thank you for the insight, Christina."

–Clifford Williams Baton Rouge, LA

Our home was a place of constant nagging and resentment, moans, groans, and conflict. This book is helping me to not get angry at my teen; the conversation examples are extremely helpful. The next time I find myself arguing with my teen, I'll have a great reference guide to gently remind me of how to get myself out of that pattern!  What a reassuring thought, indeed!"

–Ellen Keegan Winston-Salem, NC

The book thus far has been very validating. As I read each chapter I find myself thinking yeah my son says that or does that. It really helps put things in perspective. The tips to improve the relationships between parent and child are very logical and easy to apply. –Melissa Hendrickson, Sedro Woolley, WA