This book delivers to parents the necessary information and strategies for communicating thoughts and concerns without the fear of turning their teen off.

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Let's face it - in today's world, it is imperative that you monitor your teen's behavior.

From friends to late nights out to drinking to online activities, you need to know how your teen spends his or her time, and who they are spending it with.

Falling in with the wrong crowd, making the wrong decisions, and developing addictive and destructive habits can lead to a lifetime of hardship and regret.

It's impossible not to worry about the dangers and temptations facing teenagers today.

But as parents, it's difficult to find the right balance of trust and involvement in your teen's lives without driving them further away.

How can you respect your teen's privacy and maintain their trust, while still playing an assertive role in the choices they make?

What is the best way to obtain awareness about your teenager's life and activities, without them shutting you out?

Monitoring Teenagers and Influencing Their Actions shows you exactly how.

Written from the perspective of real teenagers – in their own words.

In Monitoring Teenagers and Influencing Their Actions, author Christina Botto shows you how to monitor your teen and demonstrate that you are concerned about him or her, without making them angry or distrustful. What's more, you'll get insight from teens that will clue you in on how they feel about their activities being monitored.

We asked teens about the different methods parents monitor them, and how they feel about it. Did you know that some of these methods are actually considered spying by your teen, while others show your teen that you are interested in their life and activities?

I probably don't have to tell you that your teen will be resistant to being ‘watched.’ But, if you monitor your teenager correctly, your teen will welcome your involvement without withdrawing.

In Monitoring Teenagers and Influencing their Actions you'll hear from actual teens as they relate their own stories of trust and betrayal.

You will:

  • Read the story of an 18 year old teen, who told us how she felt when confronted with the evidence of her step-dad spying on her, even though it was in her best interest
  • Find out when your teen is most vulnerable to negative influences, and why they take the risks they often do
  • See what causes teens to sometimes lie, and understand how to overcome this
  • Learn how to effectively monitor your teen's activities, maintain communication, and be seen as a trusted ally
  • Discover how to let teens know that you want to help them with their problems
  • Find out about good ways to monitor your teen's internet activities, including Social Web Sites like Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter

In Monitoring Teenagers and Influencing their Actions you'll learn what not to do to drive your teen into further secrecy and deception – leaving them alone to make the critical choices that could impact their entire lives.

And you'll discover the important steps to take to strengthen your relationship, allowing you to become a positive influence in the choices they make.

Most importantly, you'll learn critical strategies for monitoring your teen's actions in ways that they will welcome and appreciate. As you position yourself as a trusted advisor in your teen's life, they'll be more receptive to your advice – and more likely to make smart decisions when they're on their own.

With so many dangers – so many risks facing young people today – it's more important than ever to establish trust and boundaries in your relationship. In Monitoring Teenagers and Influencing their Actions you'll get real-world advice from actual teens – and the actionable steps to take to building a strong and honest relationship with your teen.

You can't watch your teenager 24 hours a day. But by developing a solid foundation built on trust and mutual respect, you'll gain important insight into their actions and behaviors...And play a positive, direct role in influencing the decisions they'll be making.

Stop guessing – get smart about monitoring your teen's actions. Download Monitoring Teenagers and Influencing their Actions NOW!

Thanks for the information in your book. My son is almost 13,  and I can see the need for ongoing, frequent involvement to keep him moving in the right direction."

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