Arguing with Teenagers

Tired of endless arguments? Struggling with teen behavior?

Welcome to the site of Christina Botto, a teen behavior expert and mediator between parents and their teens for more than 19 years.

Christina has been such a help to me raising my son. He and I now have clearly defined roles and boundaries, and we are closer than ever. Thank you Christina for your advice, your patience, and your grace.

Timothy Ready
Ocala, FL

Parenting teenagers is not easy – it takes creativity, determination, and patience! It's a tough phase to go through, but you’re not alone.

For too many parents, conflict is an everyday occurrence. You can either choose to continue "business as usual," which will exasperate and distance your teen, or you can learn how to deal constructively with teen behavior.

Whether you’ve been struggling with your teen for a while, or are just starting to see the first signs of teen attitude, you may find the answers you’re looking for in Botto’s articles on parenting teenagers right here on this website.

To get a thorough understanding of authoritative parenting, what moves and motivates your teen, and how to deal successfully with teen behavior in order to avoid conflict, Botto’s book Help Me With My Teenager!  A Step-by-Step Guide for Parents that Works offers solutions that work.

Try her strategies – they’re not difficult – and you’ll likely soon observe a change for the better in your household.

Your child’s teen years don’t have to be unbearable!

Botto's Most Popular Books:

Help Me With My Teenager! A Step-by-Step Guide For Parents That Works


  • How to successfully deal with teen behavior
  • How to foster a close relationship with your growing child built on trust and respect
  • What to do – and what mistakes to avoid – as you help your teen successfully navigate through these confusing and exciting years

eBook $15.95; Paperback $21.95 (free shipping within the U.S.)

Very illuminating. This book not only explains why your teen is acting the way he or she does, it also gives you strategies to implement. (and not just for the extreme cases) Well told, good examples.

Christi Graham

Troubled Teenagers - Identifying and Dealing with Tough Issues

Get a first-hand education on how and why even level-headed teens can become involved in the downward spiral of addiction, abuse, and self-destruction.

You Will:

  • Hear direct testimonials from teenagers as to why and how they lost control
  • Hear stories from parents who lost their teens, and what they wish they had done different
  • Discover why you could unwittingly be enabling your teen's negative behavior

Instant Access eBook $12.95

I have found your books to be both inspiring and educational. I have learned important things about drug use and other negative teen behavior that I never paid enough attention to in the past.

Paula F.