parenting teenagers

Parenting Teenagers

A trusted and proven resource to help parents of teenagers deal successfully with teen behavior.

Find Out:

  • How To Better Understand and Relate To Your Teen
  • How To Get Your Teen To Listen To You
  • How To Get Back In Charge of the Parent-Teen Relationship

Because parenting teenagers doesn't have to be frustrating!

For more than 20 years, Christina Botto has been a teen behavior expert and parenting coach specializing in the problems parents of teenagers face. She has helped thousands of parents build or re-establish respectful, trusting relationships with their teenagers, and she can help you too. » More About Christina Bottoparenting teenagers

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To help you right now, choose one of Botto's articles on parenting teenagers right here on this website. Steps you can take today to make tomorrow a brighter day for you and your teen.parenting teenagers

Botto's most popular books on parenting teenagers

Help Me With My Teenager! A Step-by-Step Guide For Parents That Works

Discover:parenting teenagers

  • How to successfully deal with teen behavior
  • How to foster a close relationship with your growing child built on trust and respect
  • What to do – and what mistakes to avoid – as you help your teen successfully navigate through these confusing and exciting years

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Troubled Teenagers - Identifying and Dealing with Tough Issues

Get a first-hand education on how and why even level-headed teens can become involved in the downward spiral of addiction, abuse, and self-destruction.parenting teenagers

You Will:

  • Hear direct testimonials from teenagers as to why and how they lost control
  • Hear stories from parents who lost their teens, and what they wish they had done different
  • Discover why you could unwittingly be enabling your teen's negative behavior

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